Sunday, June 13, 2010

Car Woes ETC

I have spent most of the week stranded at home.  Monday, while driving, I lost the transmission in my car.  The car had no reverse and I made it home and ultimately to the dealership by going forward only.  Much money and several days later and many missed events I am back on the road.  It's was such a strange and helpless feeling to be without a car.  I literally felt trapped and I guess I was.  Hopefully everything is fine now.  My car isn't all that old but does have 201,000 miles on it.  Other than the transmission things all work.  I hope that I am not jinxing myself by this statement.  Thinking positively, I am now good to go!  (I just looked for pictures of my car.  The only ones I could find were taken in a snow storm.  I am so not putting them up now in June!)

There isn't much etc.  I am on the committee for the Connecticut Gay and Lesbian film Festival.  The Festival just finished.  It was great, but it also was a great deal of work.  It was fun, but I am glad for the rest from it.  We have two months off and then we start preparing for the next one.  It is a LOT of work.

We have a new Bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut.  So far things seem positive with him.  It is clear that he has a far different style that the previous Bishop.  I liked the previous Bishop, but a Bishop with a Different way of viewing things isn't exactly bad.  He is very new to his job so time and experience will tell the tale. The new Bishop is the Rt Rev. Dr Ian T, Douglas, PhD.  He is the 15th Bishop of Connecticut in the Episcopal Church.  I am listing the previous Bishops:
1 Samuel Seabury
Diocesan Bishop, 1784-1796
 2 Abraham Jarvis     Diocesan Bishop, 1797-1813
 3 Thomas Church Brownell      Diocesan Bishop, 1819-1865
 4 John Williams      Bishop Coadjutor, 1851-1865
      Diocesan Bishop, 1865-1899
 5 Chauncey Bunce Brewster
Bishop Coadjutor, 1897-1899
       Diocesan Bishop, 1899-1928
6 Edward Campion Acheson       Suffragan Bishop, 1915-1926 Bishop
      Coadjutor, 1926-1928
      Diocesan Bishop, 1928-1934
7 Frederick Grandy Budlong      Bishop Coadjutor, 1931-1934
      Diocesan Bishop, 1934-1951
8 Walter Henry Gray      Suffragan Bishop, 1940-1945 
      Bishop Coadjutor, 1945-1951
      Diocesan Bishop, 1951-1969
   Robert McConnell Hatch
      Suffragan Bishop, 1951-1957

9 John Henry Esquirol      Suffragan Bishop, 1958-1969
      Diocesan Bishop, 1969-1971
10 Joseph Warren Hutchens
Suffragan Bishop, 1961-1971
       Diocesan Bishop, 1971-1977
11 Morgan Porteus       Suffragan Bishop, 1971-1976
       Bishop Coadjutor, 1976
       Diocesan Bishop, 1977-1981
12 Arthur Edward Walmsley       Bishop Coadjutor, 1979-1981
       Diocesan Bishop, 1981-1993
      William Bradford Turner Hasting        Suffragan Bishop, 1981-1986
      Jeffery William Rowthorn        Suffragan Bishop, 1987-1993
13 Clarence Nicholas Coleridge        Suffragan Bishop, 1981-1993
       Diocesan Bishop, 1993-1999
14 Andrew Donnan Smith         Suffragan Bishop, 1996-1999
        Diocesan Bishop, 1999-2010
   James Elliot Curry      Bishop Suffragan, 2000
   Wilfrido Ramos-Orench      Bishop Suffragan, 2000-2006
    Laura Jean Ahrens,       Suffragan Bishop, 2007-
15  Ian T. Douglas
      Diocesan Bishop, 2010 -

Connecticut is the oldest Diocese in the United States.  Samuel Seabury was the first Bishop in the United States and began the line.  Before that The Episcopal Church was the Church of England.  The naming changed with the American Revolution and the churches as well as the countries split.  I by the way was ordained by Bishop Hutchens, who ordained me for the Bishop Rhode Island.  I was canonically resident in Rhode Island but working in Connecticut.

We are experiencing several days of Thunder Storms.  I am trying to stay dry.  You do too.