List of Heros in no particular order

Jesus - easy to figure that one.  The more I learn of him, the larger he grows in my eyes.

Saul of Tarsus (the Apostle Paul) - His letters and work have lead to so much of our understanding of Jesus.

Cher Bono - I like her attitude!

Mahatma Gandi - A man with true conviction and true passion.  I think he may have truly understood Jesus even though he was Hindu himself.

Abraham Lincoln - Just read about him and you will understand.

Albert Einstein - He was truly one of the great minds of our time.  He was also an extremely ethical man while still being very human.

Richard Feynman - He is another great mind and a person who had great zest for life.

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus - Much of our modern world is based on what he did.  There is also much not to like about the man.
(more to come)

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