Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The long missing

I have been missing for some time.  I looked at my last post and said to myself, "WTF!"  I must have been in some serious state of mind!  That is past as are many other things.  Let's catch up.  Christmas was quite difficult, mainly because I was sick the whole season.  Yes, the whole time.  I caught a respiratory bug and I was literally sick from Christmas Eve Day until New Years Day.  That whole time is pretty much a lost blur for me.   I didn't do anything much for that whole time.  I am fully recovered now, thank God.

The weather has been just beastly!  We have had lots of snow, so much that there are piles at corners that are hard to see around.  We have also had wind and cold.  Just recently we have been having ice on top of it all.  Buildings in Connecticut with weak structure or flat roofs have been collapsing.  Driving has been a nightmare.  And I have been SAD (more appropriately affected by SAD [seasonal affect disorder].)  I have cabin fever.  I have also had a string of Sunday Church Jobs.  There are a bunch of Church openings nearby so fill-in Priests are required.  I mostly work Sundays during the Summer during Clergy Vacations so this is special.  I have been having a blast. 

I am now beginning to think about a visit to Arizona to see my family out there.  I need to plan the time and flight, etc.  This should get me through the rest of the winter.

This is Birthday month.  My Birthday was yesterday.  My oldest Son's Birthday is next week and my granddaughter's 5th birthday is later this month.  Additionally, I have friends with February birthdays.  I kind of vegged yesterday.  I got phone calls from my family and lots of good wishes on Facebook.  There was also cake here last night.  All in all it was a good day.

I am going through a cycle of Medical visits.  So far everything has been good.  The Aortic Aneurysm has grown a bit (not alarmingly yet) but I need to consult a vascular surgeon for a plan for the future.  This is a treatable condition as long as the aneurysm doesn't rupture.  I also had a LAP-BAND "Fill".  The Doctor actually removed some of the restriction.  For the first time the doctor watched how the band was working with a fluoroscope.  It had been set too restrictive for quite some time.  I kind of knew this because I was throwing up a bit too much.  I feel much better now and I am actually able to eat meat again.  Denser foods like meat are better because they satisfy longer and I don't feel like snacking.

Sadly, our Dog, RJ died quite suddenly.  He went into my room and I believe had a heart attack.  We found him as he was dying and were able to sit with him as he died.  He was a good dog and loved us all.  I have been very upset about this.  We went and got a new dog about a week later.  I still miss RJ but Shiloh is a real sweet dog and her vigor and life have helped.

I have been trying to post a piece about RJ, but I get too emotional.  I will eventually gather my thoughts and some pictures and post them.

For now this is it. There is sun out right now and I am very happy about that  This morning the was ice all over and my day plans totally changed.  Keep warm and safe and stay well.