Friday, June 29, 2012


Apparently Mitt Romney has found a new Country.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Politics!  The state of today's politics leaves me just frustrated.  I want to think everything will work out no matter who wins, but I really don't believe it.  I grew up in a Republican family,  but I truly am far far from the current republicans.   Against a long-standing policy of mine I will be making political commentary from time to time.  This election is so important! 


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Oh, So,So, Much!

So much has happened!  First and last in importance, our internet connection sucked for months.  Starting in December our internet suffered the slows.  AT&T was called numerous times to check as it turns out everything.  There must have been six visits.  They replaced portions of the inside wiring.  The changed the wireless router/modem.  They changed TV boxes.  Some things were fixed, but the wireless continued to SUCK!
I just added a Wireless N access point and Magic things work.  Apparently their wireless router is less than....
Oh face it it is a piece of Cr*P.

There have been physical problems.  I am hope tonight and not at the Gay and Lesbian Film festival because I don't feel very well.  The biggest problem came several weeks ago.  I had an "Happening."  I thought the happening might have been a heart problem.  I even called 911 and the paramedics came.  By the time they came I was feeling much better (it didn't take long for them to arrive, either.) I have had every cardiac test short of surgical procedures.  I am apparently just fine.  I apparently had a form of heat exhaustion and dehydration. I may also be having a virus.  So I drink a lot in the heat now and I just live through the virus symptoms.  I'll take that over heart problems any day. 

Mentioning the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, I would have been working at it if I hadn't been taking tests for the "happening."  I have missed so much this year with my father's health problems and death and now this!  I wouldn't have done things differently, but it has been quite a year.

Have a great night,
Love,  Shel