Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Loose Some Weight (Give to the Gulf)

There is all kind of weight.  What I am feeling and have been feeling for a while is weight in my soul.  To understand a little about this weight follow this link.  I had to use a link because I don't have any of my own pictures to use and I didn't want to steal someone else's picture. It's a picture of an oil soaked Pelican from the Gulf Coast and the article speculates on whether it is better to save animals so stricken or to kill them.  Which would be more humane? The oil (can one really call this a spill?) disaster in the Gulf of Mexico just tears me apart.  I feel for he animals that are damaged and killed. I feel for the people whose lives and livelihoods have for ever been changed (maybe even destroyed.) It all weight very heavy on my soul.

I think the great weight comes from a real feeling of helplessness. I also feel rage!  It just seems that one stupid move follows another.  Money and technology seem to be useless.  Don't get me going on the way politicians are behaving!  Members of Congress apologizing to the Oil Company?  Get real! 

There is going to need to be a relief effort in the Gulf area and possibly in other areas (dare I mention the possibility of damage to the East Coast of the US and maybe damage as far away as the coasts of Europe?).  People's lives have been changed and there is going to be a continuing need for clean-up (can there ever be a real cleanup from something like this?)

Someone local here in Connecticut is trying to do something to help in the relief effort.  Some Musicians and others have mounted a effort to put their Music up on the Web for sale through itunes with the proceeds going totally to the Gulf Relief Effort.  This is a wonderful thing for these people to do! The effort is called "Give to the Gulf" and you can find their web site by following the link or going to

Buying a few tunes from itunes can make a difference.  Music can sooth the soul and these pieces of music might just lighten your soul a bit.


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