Monday, June 13, 2011

Up-Date - Sort of

Well, I went to the vascular surgeon and he said, Hmmmmm. He looked at CAT scans back to 7 years ago and said ......... " I need a new CAT SCAN.  These things need precise measurement."  As he talked and the way he talked I became more and more certain that he was talking surgery, sooner than later.  I have had the CAT scan and I see the Vascular Surgeon again tomorrow.  I suspect I will leave that appointment with some more concrete information.   He did say to me that the surgery I would be looking at was the less invasive "Stent Insertion" procedure. This is a kind of a relief.  There is less in the way of recovery.  The downside is that there is much more follow-up.

In the mean time, for fun I had a colonoscopy!  This is a part of my normal follow-up from the past colon cancer.  The good news is that everything looks pretty good there.

I seems that I move from one Doctor's appointment to another.  This will probably continue for a while.  Aside from the actual appointments and occasional procedure this all seems to intrude on my life in a minor way.  I know that if I have the Aneurysm fixed, even with the stent, there will be a period of convalsecence, but that is better than it being a fatal condition.

My attitude is good and I am physically strong and that can only help.

How are other things going?  Well, I continue to fill in on Sunday Services, take event photos, write blogs, and fix computers.  I just finished working on two major Community Projects.  I am busier than anything.  I had to stop Saturday and do laundry and work on my Sermon, there was no other time.  By the way I took the above picture while on a recent job.  I had to really cut it down to get it to upload.

I keep you informed about the health.  Peace!
And as usual Love,

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