Friday, June 28, 2013

Lament over computers

I started this week with two of my three desktop computers sorely needing attention.  One needs to have the dust removed, I am sure.  It keeps overheating and shutting down.  I have used it for some time as a server and is the oldest of the systems.  The other system stopped functioning shortly after I installed Windows 8 on it.  It's non-functioning may just be coincidence, but i am not really sure at this moment.  I have dragged my feet on fixing these systems because I had a fully functioning Laptop, which I use along with my ipad (yes, I have an Apple device!)

My Laptop was fully functional until just recently when it began to slow down drastically.  This is alarming since it is a Quad Core AMD and usually functions well.  I noticed several things:  no-matter what I changed or disabled nothing much changed in performance and disk utilization was almost always at 100%.  This also has Windows 8 on it.  I installed it so I would know all the ups and downs of the system.  One thing I have learned -  I really hate Windows 8.  Several months ago I upgraded the hard drive on the system, because the 500 G that came with it was getting crowded.   Well this week the new drive would no longer boot the system.  It kept going into a drive check and staying at 27% completed - no further.  I eventually replaced the new drive with the old one, but now I have a system with old data.  I put the removed drive in a case and attached it with USB and ran tests on  it.  It tests perfect!  WTF!  Well at least I can copy data off it.

Long story short, I now have a NEW laptop with core i7 processor, 8 G of RAM and 2G of graphics memory.  The only downside to it is that it came with Windows 8.  Microsoft is now testing Windows 8.1 and it is supposed to correct some of the problems and be available in a few months.  It is available as a testing system now, but there are sure to be changes before the final release.  I am really not up for Beta testing right now.   I just need to get my software on my new system and get back to business.

What am I using now? I am doing this on my old, old laptop at the Church Office.

Peace, prosperity and working technology,
Love, Shel

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