Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Another Year

Tomorrow another year passes for me. I look at the numbers and say to myself that can't be me, but of course I know it is. Frankly I am thankful to be here after a brush with cancer three years ago. Life is pretty special and each and every day is important. Because of my strange diet (see previous post) there will be no birthday cake (at least not tomorrow.) I will be having nine oz of chicken or fish, three cups of broth and 64 oz of water just as I have done each day this week. Friday the diet ends so I get to eat lunch and dinner that day, but three oz of chicken for breakfast.

One year is often like the others. February is filled with significant birthdays, my oldest son's is the 15th and my granddaughter's is the 22nd. Last year was about as good as I have had in a while. There was relatively little turmoil in my life or in my family. I am not sure this year will be so calm. My middle son announced yesterday that he and his spouse have put their condo on the market and plan to move to Arizona. Of course my granddaughter will go with them. This brings a good deal of sadness to me . I know they were thinking of this, but the reality is quite disturbing. I'll have to start saving my pennies for occasional visits to Arizona. There is nothing wrong with Arizona, but it is a long way away. Such is life.

If you are having a birthday this month, have a Happy One!


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