Saturday, February 09, 2008


I finished my one-week diet successfully and it looks like I am good to go for the surgery. Now I need to wait for a date. I lost 10 pounds last week on that strange diet and I have to say it is a bit strange going back to regular food. After the LAP-Band surgery I will be eating two oz portions so this was a good test.

I've been busy. Thursday night I went to the "Vagina Monologues", performed in Hartford. Some friends were in the cast. It was well done. Last night I went to see Kate Bornstein at Smith College in North Hampton, MA. It was a benefit for a Trans activist who needed some financial support after an accident kept him out of work for a while. Today I have a support group and Bingo later. It is snowing like crazy and I have to drive to Hartford in the snow. I need to go though since I am the moderator for the support group. At least I have the key to open up.

Bye for now.

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