Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Follow up

Just to fill in anyone who is interested, I went to the Doctor's Friday and I am doing very well. He moved my diet up to level 4, which means that I now get to eat pured foods (yes, baby food.) The link is to a web site that gives something close to my diet. It isn't the one from my Dr. The good news is that I had lost 23 pounds as of Friday. I am of course consuming very little. The average meal is 1/4 cup. The curious thing is that I really don't feel what you would call hunger. I miss eating things. It is hard to watch others consume pizza and steak and not participate, but I knew that this would be the case when I went into this. I will eventually be able to eat more conventional foods (even the steak), but I am still healing. this is the reason for the staged diet afterward. Bad things can happen if the diet isn't followed, so I comply.

I have been going through some very intense emotional swings. I am not really sure what it is all about. I am sure eating filled a void in my life. Possibly now that eating is less prominent I need to deal with that void. I have seen my ex more that I used to, just because we both visit my son and granddaughter. The visit is usually pleasant, but recently she has seemed resentful (more than usual.) My youngest son often seems to be the catalyst for her resentment. If things get worse, I will have to visit when she doesn't I guess.

Right now I am dealing with diet and attempting to be as active as possible. I am also trying to be as positive as possible (which has been difficult with the mood swings.) I try any way. One helpful thing is that the sun is shining and temperatures are coming up as are the flowers.

You have a bright day.


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