Friday, May 02, 2008

More Follow-up

I am really sorry to be so lax at blogging! There is nothing wrong with me. In fact, everything is going well. I have been busy. I visited a friend in Massachusetts last weekend and there has just been one thing after another. Yes, I am mostly healed. Yes, I am loosing weight. No I can't eat much (what a surprise!) I am gradually moving toward more normal food. I can now eat soft regular food. I have been enjoying flaky fish like cod and thin cut ham and turkey. I eat vegetables now if they are soft cooked and I drink lots of water. I have already shrunk out of some of my cloths and into some of the smaller cloths I couldn't wear. In short, I am well.

By the way, the picture is a picture of a lap-band, in case you were curious.

Have a great day.


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