Friday, July 18, 2008


Despite the difficult day yesterday, I have been going through a period of great personal discovery. As I could not really speak about some of my personal pain I feel that some of this discovery is really so personal that I cannot be detailed about it. Let just say that I have been able to discover a part of myself that I wasn't sure existed any more. I have had a very deep sorrow for several years that really served to block my own personal growth. Though the sorrow remains I have seen my way past it or maybe through it. Life is tough enough without making it tougher on myself. It is interesting that the sorrow I held so close wasn't really related to other issues, but had great effect.

I have decided that life is really all too short. In many things I think I am moving on. I really hope to make the most of the life I have. Some of the other pesky issues of my life remain unsolved but I am a work in progress. I feel I have been blessed and give a new chance at life. I don't want to waist it. Sadly, I can now see that so much of my life was spent marking time. I really can't depend on the actions of others or even wait for them. My life is my own.

I can imagine that this post seems strange, since I have had to be so vague. It makes perfect sense to me.

I hope your day is great.

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