Friday, July 18, 2008

The Nightmare

Sometimes nightmares come during the day while you are awake. I had such a nightmare yesterday. As I have mentioned before I have had the Lap-Band surgery. It has been a full three months since the surgery so I eat most everything, with a few unwise exceptions, just in very small quantities. Yesterday at lunch I had some leftover steamed Chinese vegetables and chicken. An average restaurant portion lasts me an average of 3.5 meals. To get to the point, my nightmare began with lunch. I don't know what I did wrong, I might of eaten too much or possibly I didn't chew well enough, but I dry heaved for over two hours. (I am sparing you the actual description.)When I stopped retching I still had a knot in my chest for two more hours. I was exhausted! I had planed to go to a cocktail party in Hartford, but wisely decided not to go. I fell asleep in the chair instead. Six hours later I decided that I needed to eat (big mistake!) The reaction of my stomach was swift this time and short lived (thankfully.)

I was so uncomfortable and so depressed I was actually in tears at times. Thankfully, today I seem to feel normal. My breakfast small portion of oatmeal went down well and has stayed down. The frustrating thing about this all is that last month I missed the same cocktail party for the same reason. I truly wish I knew what I did wrong. I clearly don't need another day like yesterday.

The good news in the whole thing is that I am loosing weight at a rate that pleases the Doctor so I didn't have to have another fill (an adjustment to the restriction the band provides.) I have actually lost over 60 pounds since the first of the year. Fifty of those pounds I lost after the Lap-Band was surgically implanted. I am still not a small woman. I am tall at 5'9" and I still have much weight to loose. With the exception of yesterday I have been feeling increasingly fit and I have had an increasingly varied diet.

In spite of days like yesterday I believe the surgery was totally worth it.

Peace to you all and of course my love,

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