Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I did get some more sleep as it works out. Part of that was that my therapist called to postpone the appointment due to illness, hers not mine. I on the other hand have now some kind of stomach problem. This is not the usual I ate wrong thing. This had not been one of my better days so far. I hope that this isn't the prelude to some more serious problem (the flu or something like that.) That would be something. Wake up obsessing because of the Flu?

In any case I sit here feeling pretty bad, but actually somewhat rested. What I am now obsessing over is what to get my family in Arizona for Christmas. My son's partner also has a near Christmas birthday. This must have been hard her whole life so I want to get her something nice. What do I get the mother of my granddaughter who is in a new home in Arizona? If I was closer I might actually have a clue.

I have sent off things for my Granddaughter already. That was easy. What to do, what to do?


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