Thursday, January 28, 2010


I forgot about this Blog for a while!  Sorry about that.  No excuses, just forgot.  Nothing special has been happening.  I did go to see Avatar in 3D, Wow!  Nice experience.  I really got into the movie.  It is kind of a bit more violent than I might like, but it was very engrossing and striking.  Yes, I liked it and the 3D was not distracting and quite natural.  I think I would see another 3D movie.

I am planning to see my family in Arizona before too long.  I hope I can put the money together for it.  It doesn't help that my pension income was just  cut by almost $300 a month.  Where are those pick-up jobs when you need them?  I am trying very hard to not spend money.  It's a real challenge.  I tend to not make many large purchases, but I have been making a bunch of smaller ones.  I need to back off and only spend a bare minimum.  Traveling to Hartford all the time really eats gas!  Burning gas costs money.  It's one of the small ways I spend money.  Discipline!  That's what I need!  It's also hard for me to do!  Alas!

Oh, Yes.  I went to the Doctor's last week and the week before.  The good news is that I am healthy.  The bad news is that I haven't lost more weight.  It seems that I am a stress snacker.  Yes, even with gastric banding I can snack and abuse things.  Once again Discipline is required.  That is just what I am short of.  Of course less stress might help, too.  If I look at things carefully I am probably the one responsible for my own stress.  Yes, I believe that I have been let down a bit, but I am responsible for feeling stress over it.  That's all a story in itself and it's one I won't get into here.  Sorry!

I'm going to end here.  The blogger is acting strange and I don't want to begin all over.  I'll be back soon.  I promise.


PS,  The commenting system I have been using is going away to be replaced by a pay service.  Though I understand the need to bill for services, the previous one was free and I don't need more bills now.  I will probably loose all my old comments soon.  There's not much I can do about it.  Goodby Haloscan!

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