Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Busy, busy day today and I am exhausted.  I am looking into a new business venture and at the same time some of the regular ones are getting busy.  Everything in life seems to happen all at once.  Some of this stuff cold easily happened last week when I was bored, don't you think?   In any case I will be doing some of my least favorite things, working on web sites.  That's where the money is though.  I do need to supplement my income now.  Remember, my income just got cut a bit!

I am very tired so this will be short.  I am headed to bed shortly.  I need to start planning to visit my son and his family in Arizona.  I desperately  want to see my granddaughter!  Tomorrow some planning for that and it looks like I make some changes to DNS.  That's always fun!

Good night for now.


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