Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Woman, Good Life

Yesterday morning early my father, who is 98, called me to tell me that my aunt, 94, died during that night.  She was my mother's sister and was born two years after my mother.  I have been a bit broken up about this and it has taken me this long to write about it.  My aunt and my mother were close as sister can be.  They both lived through the trauma of loosing their mother (my grandmother) to the 1938 hurricane.

My aunt is survived by two children.  They have numerous children themselves and some of those children have children.  She, therefore, was many times a great grandmother.  Since I have a grand child she was also a great grand aunt.

Two years ago she suffered several strokes that sent her to assisted living.  This past fall she had to be moved to a nursing home.  My father and I visited her last week and she was mostly unresponsive.  I think she knew we were there.  It was a difficult visit.  Clearly the quality of her life had changed and not for the better.

I have good memories of her and she has a great legacy in her family.  God bless you aunt Bea!  I"ll miss you.


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