Thursday, February 25, 2010

Been Away

I've been away for a while.  I went to Rhode Island for my Aunt's wake and funeral.  That was a sad affair, but she had lived a good life and what she was doing before she died wasn't really living.  She is with her Mother and Father and Sister(my Mother) now.  They were all beloved to her.

Immediately after that I went to Boston for four days.  I have a friend up there I have been visiting and doing some work with.  She lives right in the city in south Boston.  City life is so different!  I took the train because a cars is a real liability.  Parking is real tough.  My friend and I worked hard and played hard too.  It was a good time.  It is just the sort of thing I have been needing to get over some tough things in my life.

I am back now and I spent most of yesterday talking to her on the phone.  It was mostly unfinished business. I also went to T'ai Chi.  Today has been picking up on local unfinished business.  I need to get ready for my next trip, this time to see my family in Arizona.  I haven't seen my son or my granddaughter in over a year!  That is far too long, but funds and circumstances have delayed things.  I hate flying these days, but I really want to see them!  The train was a delight (Amtrak.)  Unfortunately a train to Arizona and back would be too expensive.  It would be fun I bet!

It's been rain, rain, rain the last few days; Gloomy weather, but better than snow and ice!

I hope your day is a bright one!


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