Monday, March 01, 2010

Does it make sense?

I just got my pension check for the month.  It was minus another substantial amount.  This means that my pension payment just decreased by about half since my birthday.  Apparently I need less money to live on this month than I needed last month.  Does one need less money the older one gets?   The Pension plan put me on disability retirement several years ago.  I did receive a supplement designed to offset having to buy insurance and that ended last month.  There was a disability supplement that also has now disappeared even though I am no less disabled.  I guess I will need to rehabilitate myself and earn some money.  In fact I have been trying to do some low impact business activities.  Unfortunately they have not been lucrative ventures as yet.  They have kept me busy and interested in life and there is some value to that.  Now I think I just need some money.  This doesn't solve the issue of my impending travel to Arizona.  I was palning on having a bit more money than I will now have.  Oh, well! 

I'm a bit down, but where there is a will there is a way.


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