Monday, March 08, 2010

More from Arizona

There were heavy rains here last night. The news is talking about flooded streets and bad traffic and it is still raining a little.  It's a good thing I didn't come here to do something like Golf or watch Spring Season Baseball.  It's all been rained out! 

One thing I didn't mention.  I am in Arizona, a bit south east of Phoenix and my Blackberry is in Connecticut.  How did that happen?  I had to change the way I was packed at the very last minute and in my rush the Blackberry got left in my room.  I live off that device!  I am lost without it.  I think I am adicted to my Blackberry.  I actually feel uncomfortable and insecure without it.  I certainly feel out of touch.  I wonder how many voice mails I have?

Fortunately, I have this computer with me.  It has all the information on it that my Blackberry has except for the voice mails.  I guess I could make Skype calls but I am limited to wifi access.  As long as I am at my son's I have that, but when I travel around that doesn't work.  Hopefully, my Blackberry is on its way to me at this moment and I will have it with me tomorrow or possibly Wednesday.

It is getting a litttle brighter out now.  Maybe it will clear up a bit and I can venture out and about and possibly take some pictures.  Have a bright day!

Mostly cloudy in the morning...becoming partly sunny. Chance of showers in the morning...then slight chance of showers in the afternoon. Highs 56 to 61. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of measurable rain 50 percent.


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