Monday, March 08, 2010


I am writing this from my son's house in Arizona.  At last I have been able to visit with them in their new home and to see my granddaughter.  One expects that Arizona will be hot, but today it rained all day and was cool.  One thing that is true, it is very flat!I have driven through Arizona before, but that was through Flagstaff. Flagstaff has snow now!  I am down in the Phoenix area and there is no snow.  Better weather is forcast for the rest of the week.   I did come to visit my family though.

I will be doing some sight seeing.  My son took me to a gold mine today.  The gold is mostly gone now, but it provided my granddaughter with a rustic train ride.  Tomorrow I will look to take some pictures - weather permitting.  Taking good pictures is a little hard in the rain, but I did get a few today.  I didn't want to take the good camera out in the rain though.

This is all for tonight.  Traveling is exhausting and tomorrow will come early.  Be well. Oh, the picture is of the Superstition mountains near the gold mine I visited.  I didn't take the picture ((it was raining and fogged in).  Credit the picture to ellipse at



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