Friday, May 07, 2010


Spring brings all kinds of things.  Flowers are blooming and I do love that!  There is also the rain, not so great, but necessary for things to grow.  Inevitably it also brings a visit to the Ear, Nose and throat Doctor!  Alas, Shel is allergic to most all kinds of grass found in lawns and many of the common weeds found in Connecticut.  This means a great deal of sneezing and runny noses.  It also affects my sleeping at night and on occasion my eyes get itchy.
When I was younger my eyes would be the worse symptom.  I would swell up like a balloon (my eyes that is) and I would have to retreat from the world with ice packs on my eyes.  I have since learned not to rub my itchy eyes and to avoid problem things like mowing the lawn.  This last thing is a wonderful thing.  I basically hate lawns and they hate me.  I am allergic to them and they are a nuisance.  The best thing about lawns is the little flowers that grow in them this time of year.

In any case I made my pilgrimage to the ear nose and throat Doctor to get my medications renewed.  I am now good to go for one more year.  He does put me through some terrible procedures though.  He anesthetized my throat to put a scope in there.  My throat is normal and I have a small hearing loss, normal to my age (WTF?).  The summary is, all is good -almost.  Somewhere in the mix of what the Doctor said there was a mention of  "Deviated Septum" and "surgery."  OMG!  I have finally grown to like my tiny nose.  Surgery?!!  Oh, gosh.  Fortunately, he didn't say it was urgent!  I'll have to think about this one.

Today is another beautiful day.  Have a great one.


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