Thursday, November 18, 2010


OMG!  I am sorry to have neglected this blog so long.  I could use the excuse that I was busy and I was, but I wasn't THAT busy.  The truth is that I have been working more at things that involve the computer and this means I use the computer less for recreation.  When I was working doing Computer Networking Training I seldom used the computer outside of work.  Today I am working a lot at photography and since the cameras are now digital I post process with the computer.  I am also doing some professional work on Blogs so this seems to take a back seat these days.  When I was recovering from Cancer and the after effects of Chemo this was one of my few outlets.

Let's catch up a bit.  My father turned 99 on Sept. 1st.  Can you imagine that?  He was born September 1, 1911 in Granite City, Illinois.  He was the youngest child and is the only survivor of his brothers and sisters.  His brother's wife, Aunt Naomi, died this past summer at the age of 102.  She was totally invalid, but my father lives on his own and still drives.  I visit him every other week and bring home cooked food for him.  This past visit I brought him home cooked split pea and ham soup.  I must say it was good!

I have been well, mostly.  This week the arthritis in my back has bothered a bit.  Speaking of arthritis, my knees are bothering me a lot these days.  I want to walk more, but it begins to hurt after a while.  I guess there are a few down-sides to growing older.  My granddaughter is thriving out in Arizona, along with her parents.  They are doing well and seem to be very happy.  I talk with them on Skype whenever I can.  My other two sons were caught up in the closing of the Shaw's Super Market chain in Connecticut.  They are still looking for jobs.  The economy stinks!

This is about enough for now.  I will try to be more faithful at blogging.  You all be well.


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