Monday, June 20, 2011

Update on the Medical Situation

This is less of an update than a status report.  I am all set to go in for surgery.  I am sincerely hoping that everything will go as planned and I will be out and home in a day or so.  Of course there is just a possibility that things will be more difficult than planned, but I am not expecting that.  It does haunt my mind occasionally though, I must admit. 

I am going to see my father (99 years old) this Wednesday to bring him his father's day present and to reassure him. Aside from that I am just attending to details of life and preparing for the recuperation period.  That period should be a week or two.

I will update you when I am home and feeling like Blogging again.

Peace and love,

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are recovering from surgery and that life finds you well.