Sunday, March 23, 2008


Last week was a very difficult week. I had three days of different forms of medical tests and examinations. I have been poked and prodded and I have answered a thousand questions. It isn't that I am in any worse physical condition, it's that the doctor's want to make sure they are on top of the surgery. The last appointment was with a cardiologist who talked about risk management. I guess that the judgment is that my risk is rather low. This is good news. The only problem is that he followed that assessment with an order for an echo cardiogram. I had that Thursday. It's a rather easy test, kind of like a sonogram. I won't know any results until next week since Friday was Good Friday and I am sure little work was done that day. In the mean time I diet away at 1000 calories per day with no fat.

Next week will be I hope more stress free. The tests were not strenuous like the colonoscopy but the whole process was stressful. Oh and to add to the stress I testified before the Legislature's Judiciary committee on Wednesday. A fun week.

It is Easter Morning as I write this. I wish you new life and the peace which resurrection brings. I know a bit about resurrection and rebirth. Easter is about renewal. I hope you are renewed today and every day. God's Peace!


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