Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Complaining

I have concluded that some things are just too painful to write about. I have been trying to write about a part of my life for months now, but just can't do it. I have danced around the issue here, but truthfully I have been trying to deal with it(not here, but in my life.) Simply put some parts of my life are not working out very well.

I clearly understand that complaining about things does very little. It has in the past provided me with some ability to vent, but clearly that is all that has happened. I am going to try to vent less here and to move on in whatever way I can. There is really nothing I can do about things anyway.

My son and his family (including my granddaughter) are now in Arizona. I have talked with them by phone several times already, but this Thanksgiving will be the first without them. We are having Thanksgiving here this year and one of my house mate's family will be coming over. My father is traveling to Pennsylvania with friends (for 97 he sure gets around.) My other two son's will be with my ex. It will be a more scattered Thanksgiving this year. I am guessing that Christmas will be similar. I am now thinking I should start planning a trip to Arizona for February. I could be there for my granddaughter's third birthday and that would be very nice. I'll just have to see.

I did Sunday services at a new church yesterday. I enjoyed myself and I think they liked having me there. They wanted me to come back in January. That's a good thing, I believe. One never knows how a new congregation will respond. I have a very distinctive preaching style. People seem to either respond to it or not like it at all. This congregation seemed to like it. Such a plus!

Next Monday I will be having surgery. It is not a very great and serious matter, but it is still surgery. It is big enough that I will be under anesthesia for an hour or two, but I will be able to come home the same day. I am planning on being real sore for about a week. I know I won't be able to do lifting for a while. This week I will be so busy doing various things that time will go quickly.

I am not sure how much I will be able to post this week so I am going to wish you all a very happy and wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you can share the day will those you love and who love you.


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