Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things that suck!

Pardon my abrupt language, but several things are increasingly hard for me to take. The pain in my back is one of those things. It comes and goes now. Whenever I try to do something strenuous I pay with some pretty good (severe) pain. This clearly sucks!

A friend and I had had some misunderstandings a while ago and I thought we had settled things. She isn't returning phone calls, so I guess things aren't so good. I am so tired!

Today I was at a meeting in Hartford ( I have meetings at this place a lot) and when I came out I discovered that my car had been vandalized. A window was broken, my center dash console was pulled apart, my cd/stereo player was stolen and my GPS unit was stolen. There were other items stolen also but I am not going to itemize here. This clearly sucks big time!

The fact is that I really don't have much. I have a car with 175,000 miles on it and a very few personal possessions. I am on a pension and SS disability. I can't afford this kind of thing. I sure hope insurance pays something. I can drive without the radio and do without the GPS but The center console needs to be repaired as does the window! The console controls the heat in the car.

Oh well!

Love, Shel

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