Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow and more Snow!

Today it has snowed, All day! I am really tired of winter. I have been trapped inside virtually until just a little while ago. The snow plow did a job blocking me in. One of my house-mates has a son-in-law who stopped by and plowed us out. This storm is supposed to last through the night and I hope that we really don't get much more. There is about a foot of snow that fell. The old snow had pretty much disappeared. It was bright and sunny yesterday, but they were predicting this. I guess there is no sense complaining about the weather. I doesn't do much good.

Yesterday was a rather taxing day. I had a Church day-long conference to go to. It was required, a sort of certification in maintaining a "safe church." The conference is a very good idea. It helps to prevent and deal with the the sex abuse possibilities in Church situations. I think we have all heard of various sexual problems that have plagued some denominations. A number of years ago the Episcopal Church decided to be proactive and not bury their head in the sand on the issue. This is a good thing. The conference was scheduled in a church that is a long way away and started at 8:30 am. It made for a very early morning with a long drive. There was a lot of sitting in uncomfortable chairs and a long ride home. Fortunately the conference itself was good.

I had planned to go to a cocktail party in Hartford that evening, but it would have meant much more driving and a late evening. I passed on this month's event. I went home, but it wasn't really restful. We had a houseful for dinner. One of my house-mates children came over with their kids for spaghetti. Lots of people. Lots of kids. Lots of dishes. It was fun though and the spaghetti was good.

Today has been a drag. It is my granddaughter's birthday, though. There is a party on Sunday and she is all excited about it. My son says that she recites the names of everyone who is coming all the time. I hope you all are well and you are dry and in out of the cold.


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