Saturday, January 17, 2009

Catch Up

Wow! I am sorry I haven't been posting. I have been busy, mostly doing nothing. It's not much of an excuse. Actually it seems that everything has been catching up on me. There are nights that I have three places to be at exactly the same time.

I have also been fretting over my father. He is in Georgia for three months and I now find out that he had to go to the hospital this past week. He was dehydrated. He is an old man at 97, but he has been independent. His friends he is visiting took car of him, but he is now a long way away from me. I worry. I am an only child. My mother died twenty years ago and my father has been great to me.

It has been cold! So cold! I have been walking around with multiple layers of clothing on. I bought new heavy gloves, the kind skiers use. What was once snow is now packed and icy. It's time for some warmth!

This past week I had two Doctor appointments. My family Doctor is checking my blood chemistry for my cholesterol and sugar. Both things have been extremely good. That appointment went well. I also saw my oncologist (cancer Doctor). It has been 4.5 years since my cancer was discovered and removed. I will have a CAT scan again in March and if everything is OK I guess I will be see him only yearly after that. This is all good. I was not expecting anything different, but confirmation is a good thing.

Everything that was done in December is healing well. The surgery has healed and there is no pain and the tooth has healed over. There is kind of a hole where the tooth was that occasionally catches food, but it is easy to clean. All is good there.

My personal life has been sort of uneventful. My friend and I have made up and are talking once again and that is good. The son who moved to Arizona has now bought a video camera for his computer. We can now do video conferencing. The Internet is a marvelous thing! I remember the early days of the Internet and I thought it was great to be able to exchange email. So much more is done now!

Peace for now,

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