Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strings and things

Just as I think I might have a grasp on Quantum Physics it begins to look like theoretical physics is moving toward a form of string theory. My head is swimming! Quantum theory introduced a kind of craziness to understanding the universe. String theory is just hard to grasp. As I am getting it the most current theory is now being called "M" theory. It is a form of super string theory with 11 dimensions. That is 10 spacial dimensions and one time dimension. A string is the fundamental substance of the universe and everything is differentiated by string vibrations. This is where I thought I understood things. Now they seem to have added membranes and folded spacial dimensions to the theory and I am quite lost. It's going to take me a while. I haven't quite finished the first book and I have a second book to read. Maybe with two perspectives I might get a glimmer.

An interesting thing happened just before Christmas. I was contacted via email by someone I knew in High School. I of course have made quite a transition in my life since then, but we still have exchanged a few more emails. It is quite interesting to learn how her life has been. It is quite unexpected and pleasant.

I actually have a consulting customer. This is a good thing. It is an individual that wants some help with a backup strategy and help organizing her system. there a few other things she wants done. I am looking forward to doing the work.

Sunday is my last scheduled church job. I have greatly enjoyed preaching every Sunday for a while. I know that sounds a little strange, but I enjoy preaching. I look at it as a form of dialogue and an opportunity to teach. The more I enjoy preaching the better the response is from the congregation.

We have had a break in the weather. It has been a little warmer, but the cold is coming back this week. The snow has stopped though. I think I will have had my fill of Winter for a while when Spring comes.

I watched Barach Obama become President Tuesday. We had a kind of party at the house for the Inauguration. I look to his administration with great hope. It disgusts me that there are some who are looking for him to fail. I think if he fails we all fail and those who want him to fail also want America to fail.

I know that this is all disjointed and fragmented. I hope it has made some sense. I wish you Peace and as always my Love,

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