Thursday, June 04, 2009


It is clear now! I am coming down with a cold. I haven't reached the really bad spot with the cold, but I do have goopy sinuses and the back of my throat is scratchy. Additionally I am occasionally getting hoarse. I hope I don't scare people away on the phone. When I get hoarse I sound rather deep.

I was up last night until 3 am working. I was on a conference call working on a project. Hopefully this will bring in some money at some time in my life. I did more work on the project during the day today and it looks like I will be doing a PowerPoint presentation. I'll have to pull out PowerPoint skills once again. This is all call back on old skills, web server administration, DNS and PowerPoint.

Sniffle,sniffle. I think it's time for bed. Nothing better for a cold than fluids, Vitamin C, chicken soup and sleep. My colds at this time of the year have their origins in spring pollen allergies. I am allergic to all of the common grasses and some of the common weeds, alas.

Be well. Love,

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