Monday, June 15, 2009


Pow! That's how you might imagine a tire would blow out and I suppose some do go like that. Mine blew out late Saturday night on I-84 as I was driving 65 MPH in the pouring rain. There was no great sound. It was more like I was hydroplaning for a while and then there was a rumbling sound. I pulled over and as I crossed the rumble strip the tire must have totally disintegrated. As I stopped there was the smell of burned rubber. There was almost no tire left. Amazing!

I called the road emergency service and an hour later I drove home on the donut spare. The whole thing cost me $250 so far. I day so far because the emergency road service stripped one of my lug nuts and I still need to have that fixed. I can only imagine what that entails and what the expense will be. My finances are marginal at best so this is not good. So early Sunday morning after my nerves settled I went to bed.

Yesterday seems like a lost day. Because I went to sleep very late I slept late. Before I was fully awake it was already afternoon. Before I could get my coffee and breakfast I had a phone call which turned into a two hour call. My day just seemed to go that way. I went to bed at a somewhat reasonable time all things considered, but woke up about an hour later. My mind was racing and full of thoughts and concerns appropriate for my therapist. None of these things were appropriate for the day and I don't know why last night was the night for them. In any case, I didn't get back to sleep until the sun was up. This was all not great since I needed to get a tire today sometime early. Please reference sections on the tire. By the way, one tire leveraged itself into two, one shredded and the other legally bald.

This was much of my day. The rest has been a brief nap and then a Film Festival meeting. Let me throw in there a bout of visiting the porcelain goddess because I tried to rush eating. I don't know what to make of my sleep problems last night. I don't see my therapist until next week. I still have all that unresolved stuff and today let's add a very stressful phone call from one of my children. It was stressful since I really can't help much and the stress level and frustration on the other end was very great.

Will I sleep tonight?


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