Sunday, June 07, 2009

Not to speak

I have been laid up for the past several days with a wicked cold. There have been many of the usual symptoms so I won't bore with the whole list. Part of it has been a very bad sore throat and also loss of the ability to speak. I can manage a kind of whisper or possibly croak put a word or two, but nothing more. It is very frustrating. I missed Connecticut Pride yesterday (I was near death all day!) I had not had anything solid to eat in days. My diet was chicken soup, quiche (which is much like custard), yogurt and various other liquids (hot or cold depending on what felt best on the throat.) The throat soreness is subsiding, but I still can't speak. If things aren't much better tomorrow I'll cal the Doctor.

It is good though that I feel well enough to write this. I think that mostly I slept since Thursday. I know I Twittered at least once. The irony here is that every one under the son wanted to talk with me over the phone. It's very frustrating. You either don't answer or do some kind of miserable croak. Believe me my croak doesn't sound anything like me by the reaction of people on the phone!

Maybe tomorrow I'll have some voice of some sort. I appear to be living in the house of illness. Only one of the people living here is relatively well. One had to go to the Emergency room and her partner is there with her. I still don't know for sure what's going on there. I can't call and be understood. Tomorrow's got to be a better day!


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