Friday, December 14, 2007

Let it Snow .......

The snow fell yesterday! We are now covered with very clean white stuff. Soon I am sure it will be dirty white, but for a while it is pristine. One of the women I live with is out with the snow plow. We had guests who had planned to go home yesterday, but were caught by the storm which started earlier than predicted (fancy that!) Today is supposed to be a calm day weather wise, but tomorrow and Sunday may be terribly stormy. I need to do some shopping so today seems the best opportunity.

Across the way, the inflatable Santa is inflated and looks the best it has ever looked. Usually during the day it is a deflated puddle and at night is half inflated. It's really rather a sad Santa usually. Aside from the fact that I wouldn't have put one on my lawn, this one I would have removed long ago.

There is nothing real big going on. My back is bothering me for some reason today and I am really glad I am not out moving snow (thanks Cind!) From the calm between the storms I wish you a great day.


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