Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Trouble with Christmas

Christmas is a beautiful time, but it is full of all kinds of expectations. Many of these expectations are either unrealistic or are just never going to be fulfilled. I believe that it is always best to keep low expectations before hand and then things can be better than expected. This year has been nice. There has been nothing revolutionary, nothing super great and no great disappointments. Three years ago I was undergoing chemotherapy and was estranged from family (not my father and aunt, though.) Last year I was able to be with my sons and granddaughter for the first time since I transitioned. This year I was with them again and it was just delightful and it felt comfortable. I received several modest presents (some gift cards) which were very appropriate and nice. As I said it wasn't anything too remarkable. It was comfortable. I have pictures to download from my camera still, so no pictures yet.

One thing I can say about this Christmas is that I did not go out and break the bank account. I guess after all these years I am learning something. I did buy some nice presents, but they were things I could afford to buy and I didn't go overboard. I used to really over do things for the kids. This year I got my granddaughter some nice things, but I kept it reasonable. My sons and daughter in law got gift cards. I gave presents a while ago to Brenda and Tammi who have just been wonderful to me (I have lived with them three years now.)

One thing that hasn't seemed to change is that I came down with Laryngitis Christmas Eve. I actually lost my voice for a while! That's one way to shut old Shel up! I am getting better, but I am still rather hoarse and I wake up at night coughing. It's a good old fashioned cold, I guess. It's an old Christmas tradition for me (big, big smile.)

To sum up, I did not have high expectations, but this Christmas was quite good. I hope you had a good Christmas, filled with love and friendship.


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