Sunday, December 09, 2007

On the State of Things

Today I am providing random ravings. Please forgive me if some things just don't seem to fit. I was just sitting here ant reading my email. I cleared my junk mail folder after checking that everything in it was really junk. Ah, junk mail gone! Wrong! As soon as I deleted the junk more started to come in. There wasn't even a short pause. I watched the counter as they came in. I was in total amazement. Who sends this crap? There must be money in it somehow. Do people actually read those messages and then attempt to buy stuff? So many questions! I do have a message I wish I could send back to the Spammers, "I really am not interested in increasing the size of ANY part of my body and by the way what makes you think I have that body part anyway?" Seriously, I can only envision that some people respond to these emails and that is the reason they keep get sent out. I don't even open them, much less respond to them. If everyone just deleted them and didn't read them or respond I wonder if they might start to disappear. Imagine a world without Junk Mail!

Last post I recounted some of the medical issues from my visit to the ENT Doctor. I forgot one issue. Maybe, I conveniently forgot. I know that I need to loose weight and I have lost a lot of weight before on my own. This Doctor though has a very pessimistic view of being able to loose weight and keep it off. He thinks I shoud have one of those Gastric procedures, specifically Lap-Banding.I am usually very open to what Doctors say and I am also generally cooperative. In other words I am a good girl and do what the Doctor says. This may be just a little too much though. I know some people who have had gastric procedures. They indeed have lost weight, but eating is never the same afterwards. The restricted quantity does not bother me, but the restrictions in the types of food you CAN eat afterward alarms me. I am open, but I am going to do my research on this one and make a real serious effort to loose weight on my own again. Wish me luck.

Have you driven on the highway recently? I cannot believe how reckless people are on the road! Traffic has never been worse around here. The speed limits are 55 to 65 on the interstate highways, average actual speed is more like 75 to 85. I kid you not! I have been driving with the traffic at 65 to 70 and people pass me like I am standing still. Recently I have witnessed some really outrageous stop light running. The other day I came up to a light and stopped because it had turned red and the car behind me pulled around me and ran the light! In the last week I witnessed this and another two instances just as bad. Someone is surely going to get themselves (or me) killed this way. Trucks are always a challenge to deal with on the highway. I suspect they are a necessary evil in our current society. Is it me or are there suddenly more trucks? It really seams like it. I say a prayer of thanks any time I arrive safely when I drive.

I could rant on, but I will spare you for now. Be forewarned, there may be more ranting in the future!

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