Saturday, April 25, 2009

I must be Boring!

I am kidding, I know I am boring. I was just looking at the stats on this blog and the readership has been going steadily downward. I guess that when I go through more emotional grief and pain I more interesting. It's not that I am having less pain, it's that I am too busy to notice the pain (and to write.) Things are slowing down so I will write more. Slowing down is only a relative thing though. There are things I should do and have put off, like my laundry and my taxes (yes I filed for an extension.) It seems that when I went to do my taxes, at the last minute of course, I couldn't find my statements! What I thought was this year's statements were actually for last year's taxes. I know I have the material, but I need to look through stacks of stuff to find it. I filed for an extension! Laundry is a lost cause. I will run out of clean underwear and other cloths soon so is essential that I get to it! Exciting stuff!

I went to my therapist last week. I have been doing intensive therapy with individual sessions and the group therapy. I don't know if I am getting any better, but I am trying. I want to keep the weight off and I would like to meet a new woman love interest. We are entering "Pride" season. Maybe I can meet a nice dyke at a pride celebration, sigh! Northampton, MA pride is in two weeks. After having the same partner for thirty one years I am trying to reorient myself to being a bachelorette again and dating. There is nothing more formidable than one's own mind.

I went for a walk with a friend today. There are walking and bike riding paths near here that were once rail road tracks. Before that there was a canal that ran between New Haven and Farmington Connecticut. It's interesting because I lived right beside the rail/canal when I was at Yale for graduate school. I live right beside it again when I lived in the Mildale section of Southington. My address was on canal street. We walked on the Cheshire section of the old canal rail line. It's all paved now and there is even a restored lock of the old canal. It was a beautiful day. My only problem was that I was having stomach problems. My lunch wasn't agreeing with me. I felt like throwing up the whole time (I even did it twice.) The Lap-Band has been a great aid in loosing weight, but occasionally I have problems with certain foods.

Oh, I got a "Magic Jack" internet phone connection. I am surprised, but it works. I have made due with a cell phone for the past six years. I now have a land line. I bought a magic Jack and a cheep cordless phone and I am in business. My cell phone often gets poor reception at home. I can now call out with this phone and it even has voice mail. Not bad for $19.95 a year. The device cost $20.00 and I had to buy a phone. Actually I could make and receive calls with the computer if I wanted.

I had to change purses today. I have a bunch of them so that wasn't a problem, but I loved the purse I was using. The strap began to seriously fray. The rest of the purse was in good shape. I am buying a new strap to put on it. I'll use this other one for a while. I bought the current purse with a friend. We went to dinner and then did some shopping afterward. The sad thing is that she doesn't talk with me any more. I don't know what happened she just didn't answer my call and didn't return my call. It's kind of hard to maintain a friendship with someone who won't talk with you.

Sorry about that. Tomorrow my day begins with T'ai Chi and stays busy. You have a good day!


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