Saturday, April 04, 2009


I am sitting here writing on my computer and I am feeling chilled. The widget on my desktop says it is 43 degrees outside and that isn't really that cold. It is damp though. I just had a bad encounter with a meatball and a daub of spaghetti, yes, about 3 oz of food. I just made it to the porcelain goddess. Things usually aren't that quick. The agony just lingers. Spaghetti sometimes affects me that way now. I can't eat rice at all. You would think that spaghetti being soft that it would be easy to eat, not so.

My father is back from his travels to Georgia. He seems to be quite well. We both visited my Aunt. My father is 97 and my aunt is 93. My aunt was having difficulty. She just had two teeth out and was still in pain and swollen. Otherwise she was well though. She has had her problems since the strokes, but is still herself. If I make it to 90 anything I hope I am as good as she is. My father is remarkable for any age.

I think that I have remarked before on the brilliant Blog posts I have never actually posted. I write these posts in my head when I am away from my computer and by the time I get to a computer they are gone, puff! I just need to carry my computer with me everywhere, I guess.

I am now twittering. I am doing it more to see what it is all about. If you want to twitter me, or whatever it is called, there is a link on the blog page.

I have lost some more weight. I had leveled off for a while, but I went to my oncologist Friday and I have lost four pounds since the Lap-Band fill. That is about a pound a week or more and that is good. It is also probably the reason I had to rush to the bathroom a while ago. I went to the oncologist to get the report from my last CAT scan. EVERYTHING is good! There is no sign of cancer and the aneurysm grew only slightly. This is good. The CAT scan itself would be nothing except that they give me contrast solution that gives hot flashes later in the day and use an intravenous dye that I am allergic to. After the cat scan I was flushed all day into the evening. The good news here is that CAT scans in the future will mostly be for the aneurysm. My Doctor was truly pleased with my results!

Well this is it for tonight. Stay warm and be well.


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