Wednesday, January 23, 2008


WTF! A recent news article quotes the fact that the former Governor of this State who was convicted of crimes in office and sent to Federal Prison may be given an economic development job in our city. The City is Waterbury Connecticut which has an real history of having corrupt politicians, a couple of Mayors and the former Governor (who came from Waterbury) top the list. The former Governor claims to be "rehabilitated" and that may be so, but his record will travel with him. It seems to me that economic development for our city might include stressing that the criminals are now out of politics. Having one of the criminals (even rehabilitated)doing development doesn't seem even slightly reasonable.

I am not for persecuting the former Governor perpetually, but I am also not for giving him another position of Governmental trust. I don't usually do much political posting, but this seems just too much to skip. I am sure though that my opinion on this probably wouldn't matter to the people involved. I tried to find an email address for the current Mayor and so far have been unsuccessful. I'll keep looking. Maybe he reads Blogs :>


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