Monday, January 21, 2008

The New Friend

In the line of "The Old Friend" from the previous blog post I got my new CPAP equipment today. It is quite something and small compared to my 15 year old machine.It did come with a humidifier which makes it a bit larger. I also now have a mask that covers the mouth as well as the nose. I tried one of those during the sleep study and it seemed to work well. It will take a little getting used to though. What I find a little surprising is that Medicare is renting the machine itself for 13 months, before buying it. They are doing that in spite of the fact that I have used a CPAP for so long. It really doesn't bother me at all what they do as long as I get to sleep at night.

Hopefully this will end my blogging on my sleep problems for a while. I do hope though that as I loose weight my need for aid at night will lessen. I know that I may continue to need the CPAP because weight is not the only factor in Apnea. The technician for the sleep study has apnea and he was as trim as can be. I do know though that the settings might be able to be lowered with less weight and I might be able to spend a night without the machine while traveling. I know this because I was able to travel without the machine when my weight was lower several years ago.

I am off now to set up the new machine. You have a nice evening.


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