Monday, September 08, 2008

Being sick

As if it weren't enough that I am undergoing some kind of emotional meltdown, it seems that my body insists on tormenting me! It seems that on a rather regular (but not predictable) basis my stomach rejects it's contents. There seems to be no consistent pattern to this. I have tried to seriously limit portions and to chew as well as possible. Still, today's lunch, a very small piece of chicken, has given me close to an hour's worth of grief.

I will not describe the process in detail because it is very gross. It happened today at home and it has happened when I was out to lunch with friend(s). [Excuse me a second! You guessed it. Once again! yech!] It is driving me nuts. I really appreciate the loss of weight and I look forward to more, but it happened to me yesterday when I was out to a baby shower and now today. I want to screeeeeeeeem! [Excuse me!]

There can't be much left in my stomach now so the end is in sight- I hope. What they don't tell you about the Lap-Band surgery before hand!


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