Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I changed my photo again. I think I said that I really don't like photos of me very much. At least I am smiling in this one! I am also wearing my new glasses. They are similar to the old ones, but I can see better with these ones. I guess that is the real point. When looking at frames I was really distressed at the current styles. There were so many that I just didn't like at all! I managed to find one that was similar to the old ones and went with that. The color is a little different, that's all.

I have been concentrating on the mundane things of life recently, seeking a bit of grounding. I have been doing some research on Doctors and yesterday spent a really nice afternoon with my middle son and my granddaughter. It was a simple and enjoyable day. Today? I guess there are dishes to do and some long neglected tasks in my bedroom. I have cloths that are far too big to store or deal with some how and I need to organize some of the summer things for next year. I really doubt that there will be much of an opportunity to wear the bathing suit again this year. Maybe next year I will be so much smaller that I will need a new one!

Not much has really changed for me. I am living day to day and doing ok. I hope you are doing ok and maybe doing great!.


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