Monday, September 22, 2008


Welcome to Fall! It is usually one of my favorite seasons. I am having trouble appreciating just about everything just now, but I will try to get into Fall this year. I really can't let my mood destroy everything for me.

I hate going to new Doctors! I always have to explain everything once again. You would not believe the ignorance in the Medical profession on the topic of Transsexuals. Let me be very clear, they were very nice to me! I just had to describe everything about transition and surgeries even though it really didn't apply directly. I guess it can be said that there is value in educating another Doctor.

I now know what I am dealing with. It looks like I will need another surgery before too long to solve my "issue." The "issue" is a complication of another surgery. It is a somewhat minor procedure, but will take several weeks of healing to be back to normal. I do need to find the money for this first since it is unlikely that insurance will cover this.

In any case, Happy Fall!


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