Thursday, September 18, 2008

What next?

Things seem to not be getting easier recently. Not only am I having some personal difficulty, but so is one of my sons. I spent a long time talking with him yesterday and he was so down. His problems are financial and I am not in a position to be of much help. He is very down and discouraged. He is an adult, but one never ceases to be a parent and I really want the best for him. Life seems to pile things on.

He just had a very distressing interaction with his bank. Banks are I suppose ever popular these days. They managed to stick him with three overdrafts instead of one. I know, he shouldn't have overdrawn at all, but he did. The upshot is that he ended up paying over $100 for overdrawing his account a total of $4.35. It seems that the bank does something called prioritizing withdrawals. Instead of withdrawing money form your account in the order the transaction is received, they withdraw the largest amount first. They then withdraw the smaller amounts. According to my son that when he checked to do the withdrawals he was not overdrawn. He an my ex went round and round with the bank and got no where (as you might guess.)

My son doesn't make a large amount of money, so $100 in overdrawn fees is huge! He was fit to be tied and very depressed. My offer of some financial help didn't seem to help at all. He feels trapped in a low-paying job, with few options to improve himself. I know that is his impression of himself and he could easily do other work, but he is the one who has to live his own life. His older brother has a similar job and seems to make a go of it. It is interesting how different your children can be, and sometimes distressing.

What next?


On a better note, I had a Doctors appointment yesterday with the Doctor who did the Lap-Band surgery. He was delighted with my weight loss. He just about danced a jig. He said I had lost in weight what most people with the Lap-Band loose in a year (it has been a little over 5 months.) I am clearly pleased also with the weight loss. I feel healthier with more energy. All signs of Diabetes are gone, my cholesterol is down, my blood pressure is normal and now he wants me to see whether my sleep apnea is gone. Physically, things are better. Unfortunately, the Doctor admitted that relationships often can change and sometimes for the worse. Who can figure? S.

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