Thursday, September 04, 2008

More on Change

Some days changes come quick. I have been struggling with eating since last night. Dinner, a small piece of chicken, just didn't set well. I had difficulties all evening. Breakfast today had a similar effect. Who could think that one egg would cause hours of distress? It's lunch time now and I still feel like there is a knot in my throat. I guess that lunch will need to wait.

Some other things haven't gone exactly well. I am kind of trying to sit back and evaluate. It is a situation in which I really have no options and no control. If one could bleed over such things I would be bleeding. In stead, I am just trying to keep my breakfast down. That has become an all too frequent problem.(It's not an emotional thing, it is a learning to live with the Lap-Band thing.) I am not sure what to think. With no options and no control I just need to let go and let things be. That's not a thing I do well, but I will try.

There are times when life can be tough.


PS - I honestly have been able to take most anything life has thrown at me. I will take recent events as well. I hope I can take them gracefully. I pretty much move through life without much difficulty and I have recently filled in at congregations without causing difficulty or controversy. It has become so seamless that I had almost forgotten that there might be a problem. I got called yesterday for a Sunday fill-in and agreed to do the service. Fifteen minutes later the Priest called me back and backed out. ("This congregation is too conservative. I don't have a problem, but they might.") Guess what friend, YOU have a problem. I will brush the dust from my sandals and move on. It's just the sort of thing I really didn't need at this moment, though. It can be a cruel world.

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